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A movie about our producer Alexandros Gousiaris


A movie about our producer Alexandros Gousiaris

The mountain bound plain of Thessaly has always provided food to Greek farmers. Recently, due to the economic crisis, they have reached rock bottom.
In the middle of the plain, however, in a small farming village with no shops, no school or even a priest, two cousins and five women decide to make a new start. With a little help from Wagner’s music -that they blast in the fields- they cultivate an ancient tomato seed.

With the help of traditional pasteurization, hand packaging in glass pots and poetry in the processing hall, canned goods are created that will soon find their place on the shelves of prestigious delicatessens in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Sweden and Japan. The documentary accompanies the protagonists of this inspiring story in their efforts to develop an alternative to industrial agriculture, to give their village new dynamism and to fulfill their dream of carrying a piece of their homeland out into the world.

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