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From Two Villages – Black Messenicola PGI, Rosé


The selected mountain vineyards lying between the villages of Messenicolas and Morfovouni take us back to the age-old history of Black Messenicola to teach us a thing or two about wine-tasting with this wine. This unique variety has been systematically cultivated at these two neighboring villages since 1455.


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The grapes come together to create the authentically ancient wine, the wine “From Two Villages”, with a balanced but light sweetness, unique colour teetering between pink and orange, and its unique flavour bursting with a fruity sensation.

Tasting notes
Its bright colour is reminiscent of rose petals. Its scents: nostalgic and intoxicating. A wine that brings to mind cherished memories and tender moments.

Technical presentation
Category: Medium-Dry Rosé Wine
Classification: Karditsa Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
Grape Varieties: Black Messenicola 100%
Harvest dates: 2021
Alcohol by volume: 12%
Serving Temperature: Αt 6-8 °C

Serving suggestions
A wine that goes perfectly with an eclectic light meal or served before as an aperitif and as the perfect accompaniment for soft yellow cheeses, pasta dishes and sweet-and-sour meat.

Additional information

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Medium dry Rosé wine – Black Messenicola