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Gin Philosophy


Dry Gin – Philosophy from a 100% distillation. A balanced blend of 16 hand-picked herbs, fruits, flowers, spices, seeds and roots, some indigenous and some exotic.
Combining the ancient Greek column with a contemporary perspective reveals a remarkable notion of coexistence between the past and the present, embodying a spirit inspired by Greek philosophy.
Vol. 40%

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Dry Gin – Philosophy from a 100% distillation. A balanced blend of 16 hand-selected herbs, fruits, flowers, spices, seeds, and roots, some native and some exotic. Juniper and angelica root from Romania, citrus fruits from Greece, kumquat from Corfu, Indian cardamom, Chinese ginger, Italian coriander, macro pepper from Congo, and flowers from Morocco, Egypt, and Croatia.

Tasting notes
Multi-dimensional and austere GIN with a sweet aroma with bright earthy and peppery bursts, with a warm background and mouthfeel. Key notes of citrus and floral deliver a gentle bouquet designed to achieve aromatic balance. With each sip, we recognize the sweet and warm notes on a soft, peppery and floral background. Juniper makes a powerful appearance, accompanied by a fruity “bouquet” with a hint of citrus, while the adventurous continuation of cardamom and coriander completes an earthy sensation. It leaves a clean finish, with balanced dryness and gentle sweetness in a strange contradictory combination. This complex and peppery GIN exudes a balanced and particularly elegant character.

Vol. 40%

Grape distillate.
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**Reference intake of an average adult (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)

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