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Moi, Je M’en Fous PGI – Magnum Trilogy


One is just not enough. Not by a long shot. Three is the ideal number so you can have them all! And all three characters of the Moi, Je M’en Fous line up in the story of your gift.
You can also give away the gift boxes individually. Just choose the wine of your choice.
A personal dedication makes your gift unique. Write us your dedication in the comment field for your order and we will add it with a card to the gift. Please tell us which name should be noted as the sender.


Get it between Apr 19 - Apr 22,2024


White Wine:

Tasting notes
This white wine stands out for its enjoyable, fresh and full flavour combined with a cheerful, light-hearted mood. The eye is impressed by the clarity and strength of the colour. Peach, lemon flower, orange, jasmine and grapefruit create an explosive nose, while the palate will revel in a complex and unforgettable flavour.

Technical presentation
Category: Dry White Wine
Classification: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Karditsa
Grape Varieties: Malagousia 100%
Harvest dates: 2018
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Serving suggestions
It is the ideal accompaniment for light seafood, poultry or pasta dishes and salads.


Red Wine:

Tasting notes
Vibrant ruby red and medium-bodied with an opulent nose of ripe dark cherries, raspberries and slightly herbaceous floral notes of violets and rose petals. Expressive fruit and smooth tannins on the palate. A touch of residual sweetness emphasises the ripeness of its fruit.

Technical presentation
Category: Dry Red Wine
Classification: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Karditsa
Grape Varieties: Limnionas
Harvest dates: 2017
Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C

Serving suggestions:
Ideally paired with red meat, poultry dishes with spicy red sauces, with cheese, stews and Mussaka.


Rosé Wine:

Tasting notes
The climate and soil of the Agrafa foothills endow the Muscat Hamburg grape with sweet aromas, low acidity and soft tannins.
The intensely pink crystalline color and aromas of rose petals, kumquat and vanilla create an explosive combination of a soft flavor and sparkling, fresh surprises for the palate.

Technical presentation
Category: Dry rose wine
Classification: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Karditsa
Grape Varieties: Muscat Hamburg
Harvest dates: 2018
Serving Temperature: 10-12 °C

Serving suggestions:
Best paired with poultry dishes, pasta with white sauces, freshly prepared salads and cheeses.


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