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Natural Sponge from Kalymnos


Natural and unbleached sponge from kalymnos. The natural sponge is ideal for bathing and for the daily body care.

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Natural and unbleached sponge from kalymnos.
The natural sponge is ideal for bathing and for the daily body care.
– Helps to cleanse the skin without irritating it
– It’s hypoallergenic
– Suitable for sensitive skin such as children’s

The natural sponge has been used for thousands of years due to its unique properties. With high water absorption, it creates a rich foam, has a velvety touch to the skin and gently cleanses it without causing irritation. Prevents bacteria or mold from growing on the sponge.

Since the natural sponge is a living organism, it is very durable, does not fray like industrial sponges, does not stain, is hypoallergenic, does not retain odors and makes bathing a luxurious pleasure!
Thanks to its velvety texture, the natural sponge is ideal for massages and offers the body a unique relaxation experience. To care for your sponge, rinse it with water and let it drain and dry after each use.

The natural sponge belongs to the genus of multicellular animals, which in turn belong to the sponge family. They occur in different marine areas, mainly in areas with underwater waters and mild ocean currents and at different depths.
Aristotle was the first to notice the existence of an animal sense in sponges, and for this reason he classified them in the animal kingdom.

Natural sponges are traditionally collected once a year, usually in late September to early October. Experienced divers dive into the sea at depths of 25-60 meters. On the seabed, the sponge divers select the best and only the fully grown sponges using environmentally friendly methods. In this way they protect the underwater world, which is a source of life for itself.

Processing after the harvest
As soon as the boats come back to the island, the sponges are sorted there by special and experienced staff, usually retired sponge divers who have made their old life through this work, their life in the depths of the seas, the life they loved so much to experience again.

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