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Shipping conditions

Within Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein.

Delivery times

Warehouse goods are usually provided for shipment within 1-3 working days after receipt of payment. Should this product not be in sufficient quantity in stock, we will contact you immediately. After shipping you will receive an email with the tracking number for your order.

Free shipping

Free shipping from a value of goods of CHF 250.- by B-Post (refrigerated and frozen shipping with A-Priority) to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Shipping methods and costs

The dispatch is carried out with Swiss Post. The packaging material is included in the shipping costs (excluded from this is refrigerated and frozen shipping).


Insured until 1500,- CHF

PostPac PRIORITY up to 2 kg:9,00 CHF
PostPac PRIORITY up to 5 kg:12,00 CHF
PostPac PRIORITY up to 10 kg:14,00 CHF
PostPac PRIORITY up to 20 kg:19,00 CHF
PostPac PRIORITY up to 30 kg:26,00 CHF

Swiss-Express Moon

Orders received by 1 p.m. will be delivered the next day in the morning (also Saturday delivery).

Insured until 1500,- CHF

Swiss-Express up to 1 kg:19,00 CHF
Swiss-Express up to 2 kg:21,00 CHF
Swiss-Express up to 5 kg:23,00 CHF
Swiss-Express up to 10 kg:28,00 CHF
Swiss-Express up to 20 kg:30,00 CHF
Swiss-Express up to 30 kg:36,00 CHF

Same Day Evening 

Orders received by 8 a.m. will be delivered on the same day in the evening (also Saturday delivery).

Insured until 1500,- CHF

Same Day evening up to 10 kg:59,00 CHF
Same Day evening up to 30 kg:72,00 CHF

Refrigerated and frozen shipping

To ensure the quality of our refrigerated and frozen products on their way to you, we ship the products in special cooling bags with cooling elements or dry ice.
The cooling bags protect the more sensitive products from the external heat and ensure that the products remain cool. The shipping systems are new and innovative insulated packaging for shipping fresh or frozen food. Orders with refrigerated shipping and frozen shipping are only shipped from Monday to Thursday.

  • The cooling bags are made of 100% recyclable materials and can be completely disposed of in the paper waste.
  • The cooling elements can be used several times. The liquid consists of a water-salt solution and is suitable for food. If a cooling element does break, you can cut it open and dispose of the liquid in the drain and the bag in the waste.
  • Do not remove the dry ice from the cooler bag and store it in a well-ventilated or open place until the dry ice has evaporated into gas (may take a few hours).
  • If you have already received more than 10 cooling elements and do not need them, we will send you a return label so that the undamaged cooling elements can be sent back free of charge. This saves resources and the cooling elements are recycled.


Additional shipping costs for refrigerated shipping is 4,00 CHF and for frozen shipping 5,50 CHF.


In order to save resources and avoid waste that the customer must carry at the end of the day, we use eco-friendly packaging material.

  • Our packaging is PEFC™ and FSC® certified.
  • We use wood wool instead of plastic. The wood wool can be reused, composted or used as a kindling aid for the fireplace or the grill.
  • Our tape is made from paper and the adhesive is made of natural rubber.