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Handmade Easter Candle – Happiness

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Lovingly handmade Easter candle.
Happiness in pink and gold.
Size: 30cm

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Only 3 left in stock

Only 3 left in stock



The Easter candle (Lambada) is one of the most famous and possibly one of the most popular childhood memories that is associated with pleasant childhood memories in the minds of many Greeks.
The custom of the Easter candle, which is lit on the night of the resurrection, goes back to the earliest Christian times. Back then, the newly “enlightened” Christians were baptized on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.
The candle was essentially a symbol of the new light of Christ that was to enlighten the souls of the newly “enlightened” Christians. Another symbolism of the Easter candle is that it represents the light that Christ brought to humanity when he “conquered” death and darkness through his resurrection. Over the years, the newly “enlightened” were no longer baptized on Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday and the church retained the symbolism of the candle in relation to the resurrection of Christ. At the same time, the Easter candle also symbolizes the spring sun. The Holy Light with which it is lit during the resurrection symbolizes the light of knowledge and love.

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